Sleep. Eat. Breathe.

Our body doesn’t ask too much of us to provide us with the brilliance that is life. Despite that, however, we chow down on fast food, breathe polluted air, and maybe worst of all get a few hours less sleep per week than our body needs. I say that sleep deficiency may be the worst offense we commit against our bodies, because it makes the least sense.

In theory we sleep less because we don’t have enough time, we’ve got too many things to get done. Yet the truth is, we’d get far more done each day (and consume less too) if we got enough rest.

But I’m a practical person, I know that just because I say that we should sleep more doesn’t mean that you, or even I, am going to sleep an extra hour a night. So I’ll suggest something a bit more practical, let’s just all promise to spend an extra 1-hour napping each week. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but 1-hour, whether divided over three 20-minute periods for an afternoon pick-me up, or taken all at once for some restorative deep sleep, can have a profound effect on our outlook and effectiveness in life.

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  1. communication skills Said:

    Hello rDash,

    There is no doubt that we need 8 hours sleep in a day…as per sleep experts after noon naps are not good because they may create problems when you go to bed at night. Exercise, bed room lighting, what is main purpose of bed room, and there are a lot of other things involved in our sleep. Once we take care about those things we will have a good night sleep and a wonderful active day.

  2. raj Said:

    For the average person, yes. But there are people who do not need 8 hrs. I have never in my life needed 8 hours, past the age of 14. 8 hours makes me groggy. 6 hrs works best for me. But when I only get 5 hours, naps work.

    Winston Churchill slept a total of only 4 hrs/day, including 20 minute power naps. Other research shows that men over 45 don’t need as much sleep.

    So 8 hrs is not a period that applies to everyone.

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